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We provide insights that matter.


Measure your brand performance

At ZoomRx, we do market research differently. We realize that numbers and graphs alone cannot measure your brand's performance. That is why our research goes beyond the traditional awareness, trial and usage statistics. By collecting qualitative information and connecting it with secondary data, we will tell you why your brand performs the way it does and what you can do about it.

ZoomRx’s brand tracking studies:

  • Capture standard quantitative metrics for tracking your brand performance
  • Capture rich qualitative insights using our proprietary mobile technology platform
  • Detect market movements quickly by conducting more frequent research


Synchronize your marketing and sales efforts

Brands achieve great things when Marketing and Sales teams work in tandem. ZoomRx’s unique DuoTrack approach tracks sales messages immediately after delivery and once again after a 2 week period. With ZoomRx DuoTrack, you can finally be confident that your marketing team is crafting messages with staying power and that your sales force is delivering those messages correctly.

ZoomRx’s Message Tracking studies:

  • Capture sales details immediately using our proprietary mobile technology platform
  • Follow up with physicians automatically 2 weeks after a reported sales detail
  • Measure message effectiveness and stickiness quantitatively and qualitatively
  • Model the overall impact of your sales activity on prescription behavior



Truly understand your patients

You understand your patients best when you listen. Unfortunately it was difficult, until now! Using ZoomRx’s mobile technology platform, patients can now easily record their disease management experiences and also reveal their opinions about various therapies. With ZoomRx, you can get the best understanding of patient behavior you ever had.

ZoomRx’s Patient tracking studies:

  • Engage your patients in conversation with detailed qualitative responses
  • Collect patient ethnographic information including quality of life challenges
  • Understand the evolution of patient’s behavior by tracking it longitudinally



Decipher the patient-physician conversation

The final step in your brand's adoption happens between the doctor and the patient in the doctor's office. ZoomRx can get you in there! We use proprietary mobile technology to capture patient-physician conversations that can tell you how treatment decisions are made and what language they use - tools that can help you craft your marketing messages and train your sales team.

ZoomRx Patient Visit Studies:

  • Record entire doctor-patient conversations using ZoomRx’s mobile application
  • Draw valuable insights regarding patient journeys and treatment decisions
  • Cross reference insights with other market research activities



Develop an integrated view of your market

To succeed in today’s world, it is not enough if you just understand prescribers - you need to have a clear understanding of patients and payors as well. With broad expertise in physician, patient and payor research, ZoomRx is uniquely positioned to see connections where others might not. We can help you get an integrated, multi-dimensional view of your market.

ZoomRx's Multi Dimensional Studies:

  • Draw insights by integrating all existing primary research & secondary data
  • Collect missing information and close gaps in understanding by building custom communities
  • Present multi-format data in an integrated fashion through ZoomRxHub iPad or web apps



Power launch your brand

Launching a new brand is filled with uncertainty. Without fresh data and insights, it is impossible to accurately evaluate your launch performance. That is why, at ZoomRx, we focus on developing new ways to meet your frequently changing data requirements at launch. With our launch tracking studies, you can be confident that you are making the right decisions at this critical juncture in your brand’s life.

ZoomRx Launch Tracking studies:

  • Measure upticks in brand adoption by tracking patient-switching every two weeks
  • Probe why physicians & patients switch therapies, immediately after the switch
  • Monitor your launch closely with iPad & web dashboards that provide on-demand insights



Keep your brand agile

Your brand team needs to stay agile in order to succeed in this constantly changing pharma world. ZoomRx can help you stay agile by leveraging our global, mobile-enabled community of physicians, patients and payors. We can get you immediate reactions from our community - be it a key market event, a go/no-go decision on an asset or just a question you need answered before an important presentation.

ZoomRx Rapid Response studies:

  • Answer your questions quickly to help you stay on top of your market
  • Collect reactions globally from our mobile-enabled community of physicians, patients and payors
  • Capture both qualitative and quantitative insights for rapid turnaround
  • Provide live updates through our ZoomRxHub iPad and web apps